The Cats Whiskers 250 litre Vodka/Gin Double Dragon

The Cats Whiskers 250 litre Vodka/Gin Double Dragon

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The newest commercial unit in our lineup is the Cat's Whiskers. This all stainless rig has plenty of copper in the plates and caps to look after your wash on a one run vodka pass through 16 plates in a 5" column diameter.


The rig will run between 5-9l/hr depending on your preferences, comes with Procaps and electric parrot as standard as well as a large commercial parrot.


The 8" stainless gin basket holds plenty of botanicals and can be bypassed for vodka only runs. The 4" x 1m condensor makes short work of any vapour and the two 1/2" ports at the top of the columns can be used to swap out for valves for cleaning.


This unit is currently in or warehouse in Tamworth NSW and can be viewed on the floor. Sightglasses can be any colour, so long as that colour is Gold, Black Chrome or Red.