The Business 8" Dash 1 Four Plate, 380 Litre.

The Business 8" Dash 1 Four Plate, 380 Litre.

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Our base commercial only model may well be the only unit you ever need to turn your dream into your occupation. With hundreds of these units operating all over the world with happy customers you will never be without advice or support.


Fitted with Procaps, these 4 plate Dash units will produce up to twenty litres an hour of flavourful hearts for your whiskey or rum. Supplied with 3 elements and guards there are up to 6 x 2" TC ports for elements if you have the power available.

304 Grade 380l working capacity commercial kettle. 2mm walls. The kettle has 300mm glass manway, 200mm top port, 2 x 50mm top ports, 6 x 50mm element ports, 1 x 50mm heavy duty sight glass, 50mm port for bottom drain as standard. Complete unit comes also with 2" drain valve.
Adjustable levelling feet, mirror polished inside and out.

Ready to plumb in whatever manner suits you, have your electrician wire the elements.


 After successful testing at Illegal Tender Distillery, all our commercial systems will substitute the revolutionary Electric Parrot instead of the conventional parrot system. This digital alcometer is a much more accurate and consistent glimpse at the abv of the output in real time and also shows vapour temperature. If you would like to retain the traditional parrot please specify on ordering.


Black Chrome sight glass kits shown, option of Red or Gold also available, please specify colour on ordering.


3/4 bends and extensions are available also as optional extras to place your product output wherever you like.


We do not warrant that any product is applicable for a particular purpose or application. You must do your own research as far as engineering or safety requirements apply to your own situation before using any StillDragon product.


Please email to order.