The Bees Knees, 4" Dash 1 Four Plate, 120 Litre

The Bees Knees, 4" Dash 1 Four Plate, 120 Litre

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Ideal for the small operator the Dash 4" series suits the 120l kettle perfectly.


The Dash One is a 4 plate bubblecap column with all copper caps, plates and risers. Complete with plumbing, thermotee, reducer to fit to the 6" opening on the 120l boiler. This unit ships with 3 x element ports, and 2" butterfly valve for the drain.

The kettle is mirror polished inside and out and comes with sight glass, adjustable levelling feet, 2 x two inch ports on top and 8" hinged manway.


This unit really is the business for the smaller micro distillery.


Stilldragon reminds our customers that only a licensed commercial distillery may purchase a distillation


unit with over a 5l capacity. 



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