The Be All 500 liter Copper Double Dragon

The Be All 500 liter Copper Double Dragon

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The latest and greatest of our stock lines of systems at StillDragon Australia is The Be All range.


These systems start at 500l and are multi use systems designed for small to medium and start up distilleries who wish to use a single system to make many different products.


The Royal Flush is our first of these Double Dragon style systems to hit Australia. The unit pictured is at Ironbark Distillery at Richmond, Sydney.


500l copper topped boiler feeds straight into the all copper Whiskey Hat with sight glass to manage frothing. From there you can choose to run the vapour down to the 8 plate 8" Procap copper column or straight to the gin basket or even straight to the 6" all stainless condensor.


You can run through the 9 plates twice in two runs to make an exceptionally clean vodka, you can run through the hat only to make a traditional whiskey or rum.

You can charge with clean neutral and run through the 12" glass and copper Gin Basket.


Possibilities are all yours with the flick of a couple of valves.


The boiler comes complete with single phase agitator to stop any thermal gradients in the charge.


Column has sprayballs for Clean In Place in each tee ready for you to plumb as you like.


We are taking enquiries on this system now. It can also be ordered in all stainless to save cost. Can be supplied in any stock configuration including Crystal Dragon. 


Please check out the video below.