StillDragon Carbon Philters And Sight Towers

Named after one of our enterprising customers who found yet another use

for our modular parts, the Philter series is open to your interpretation. Here

is a couple of popular base filter models, but you can design your own

carbon filter using whatever lengths or diameters of pipe you like.



Very simple to make the top funnel bigger by adding a longer or wider length of pipe,

so you are not standing there all day.



Also easy to build a larger carbon filter out of larger diameter pipe section

for those commercial operations that require a large throughput. 



All 304 grade stainless with silicon gaskets.


An end cap is reccomended to keep dust out, and to stop evaporation in between uses if kept topped up.


Sight glasses in a range of sizes from 2" and up. All 304 stainless and

boroscillate glass.