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Welcome to Punkin's Brew. 

Home of Stilldragon Australia.

Welcome to StillDragon and thank you for your interest.

StillDragon is committed to developing and supplying the distilling community with the highest possible quality still parts at the lowest possible price.

But more importantly, StillDragon recognizes that our customers are the innovators and the catalysts that push the distilling movement forward into creating better, safer, more precisely manufactured distilling equipment.

At StillDragon, we are committed to listening to and documenting customer feedback so that we may continue to respond to the needs of the distilling community.

We have setup a detailed user forum with this goal in mind, so if it's a question, a suggestion or just to say Hi, feel free to drop in to

Home distillation of alcohol without a licence in Australia is illegal, possession of a still with a boiler capacity of over 5 litres is also illegal.

In New Zealand it is legal to distill alcohol at home.

All stainless products are either 304 or 316 grade stainless steel, tested and certified.

Please feel free to check our Dragons Store and remember to check our Specials page for updates.

Don't forget to check our new forums out at for all the up to date information on development and use of your StillDragon commercial and home equipment and supplies.