American Oak Dominoes 1kg, Medium Toast

American Oak Dominoes 1kg, Medium Toast

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Toasted Oak dominoes, long grain American oak. These are a top of the line product used for ageing spirits or imparting oak flavours to beer or wine. They carry none of the harsh tannins that are introduced with end grain chips or chunks. Only 2kg of dominoes will fit in a 3kg satchel.There is no free shipping.


For New Zealand orders please email  for pricing and to order.

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    No more HBS rubbish

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Feb 2018

    I bought American medium, heavy and French medium. Using a combination of each on my runs. Some have been heavily oaked for a quick result others (if they make it) will be put away for as long as possible. No more HBS essence I'm into the real stuff from now on.

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    Looks pretty good so far

    Posted by Bindair Dundat on 2nd Nov 2016

    These were great value compared to the chips/chunks from the HBS. I've had 3x Medium Roast and 3x Heavy Roast dominoes in 4 litres of 60% neutral for 3 days and the colour is slowly starting to show through. I plan to leave this batch for a month, then dilute to 50% for another month then let it sit with just one domino at 40% for at least a year. By doing similar batches each month I'll finally be able to stop drinking the essence-flavoured spirit that just doesn't cut it for me any more. Thanks StillDragon.

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    Gtreat stuff

    Posted by Cheers on 21st Sep 2016

    Will be getting this again. Smells and looks great, good enough to eat well drink. Back to get some more soon

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    Wonderful oaking product.

    Posted by Tone on 24th Jul 2016

    Ive never been completly satisfied with my oaking untill I stated using these. I strongly recommend them.

    I find best results using 1 new domino and 1 used domino in about 4L for a few weeks.
    I often remove half the spirit and top up with fresh spirit and just keep cycling replacing the oldest domino with a new one.
    Always leaving some well Oaked spirit to blend with the new spirit.
    Also of note you can get amazing flavours from aging 60% abv diluting to 50% than to 40%.
    Beyond the wonderful flavour they are also economical.

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    Value and performance

    Posted by Higgo on 17th Oct 2015

    These dominoes are a hell of a lot cheaper than staves or chips and they are a FAR superior product.
    The colour that comes through from them is superb and I already know from reading forums that the flavours will be first class.

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    on the brew

    Posted by Mick on 22nd Jul 2015

    have place in brew and will try in a few weeks to see how they go , very happy so far but will need to do the taste test

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    Great product

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jun 2015

    2nd time I've ordered these, always great consistency.

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    American oak dominoe effect.

    Posted by Adam on 3rd May 2015

    I have been brewing for quiet some time and have only just used dominoes for the first time.
    The quality the product at first glance was remarkable. The size and smell as well as the value of the 1kg American medium toast oak is unbelievable. Say goodbye to using chips and hello to these awesome dominoes!
    I call it the Dominoe effect!

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    no more crappy hbs chips, chunks, dust

    Posted by fishingbrad on 16th Jan 2015

    Great price, fast delivery. Stop buying those crappy expensive chips (dust) from the hbs and buy the real deal in kilo plus bags. My product is much more smoother since using these staves.

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    great service

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Feb 2014

    I was very surprised at how quikly my order turnd up thanks guys

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    Easy Oaking

    Posted by Eddym8 on 24th Dec 2013

    The dominoes are great for oaking any product that you make and come in a variety of toasts. The medium toast gives a great amber colour from the first day and the oak flavours are coming over slowly. In a month we should start to see some nice flavour profiles coming over.
    My only niggle is that I have to split the oak pieces prior to them fitting in my demijohns. All round great product.

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    Much better than HBS chips or staves

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Oct 2013

    I found these dominoes to impart flavour and colour very quickly. Had to split them so they would fit in the demijohn. Considering I was paying $25 for 500gm of bourbon staves these are pretty good value too. I would recommend these to my friends.