8" Dash 2, Six Plate Column, Complete

8" Dash 2, Six Plate Column, Complete

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The Dash Two, 8" is a 6 plate eight inch bubblecap column with all copper caps, plates and risers. 

This unit is designed for hard continous work with a three inch product arm with a 3" X 510mm product shotgun.

Choose the Dash 2 over the 4 plate model when greater purity is desired for a more neutral product or when running gins or light flavoured whiskeys or rums. Extra tees can be added up to 8 plates.

Unit comes standard with our Procaps, super reflux condensor and heavy duty clamps.


This is the workhorse of the commercial distillery and is ideally suited to the StillDragon 380l boiler and up. In use in many distilleries around the world on boilers up to 1000 litres.



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