5" Dash 2 Pro Model, Six Plate Unit

5" Dash 2 Pro Model, Six Plate Unit

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The newest addition to the StillDragon lineup, the 5" columns incorporate our new Procap 36 integral bubblecaps. These bubblecap and downcomer all in one solutions make plate floooding impossible and allow a massive increase in power applied and hence production.


These units are capable of up to 7 litres an hour production of quality spirits. They are a brilliant solution for boilers of 100 litre and up to 380litre to reduce run times. 



The Pro Models are intended for those who want to maximise the power capablities of these new systems and come with 3" Product condensors and a pair of wall mounts to support the extra weight of the condensor. Superb knockdown ability to complement the Super Reflux Condensor that is standard on these models.


4 Plate shown in picture, unit ships with 6 tees.


Can be custom configured anyway you want it, email your requirements for pricing.


Some images show a customers bespoke installation of a six plate model. These extras are not included.


We do not warrant that any product is applicable for a particular purpose

or application. You must do your own research as far as engineering or

safety requirements apply to your own situation before using any

StillDragon product.