5" Crystal Dragon Glass Column, 4 Plate

5" Crystal Dragon Glass Column, 4 Plate

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The very popular first commercially available, affordable all glass column. Fully modular as all the StillDragon products, you choose how many sections and therefore plates to add.

The 5" model is a significant step up in production for the 4", being fitted with 4 of StillDragon's new Procap 36's on each plate, we are getting reports on this unit producing up to 9l hour. For the serious distiller.


Includes 4 x quick disconects for condensors, y connector, 2 x quick disconnects to connect to your plumbing, 3m of red and 3m of blue tubing, thermotee and needle valve for the reflux condensor. 

If you ask real nice i can include a DragonFire Alcometer and Hydrometer.


Base unit sold with 4 plates, add glass sections and plates per box of two. 



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