2.5" Crystal Dragon, Ace of Hearts

2.5" Crystal Dragon, Ace of Hearts

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The newest edition to our Crystal Dragon lineup is the Baby Dragon, The Ace of Hearts. We are extrememley proud of this little powerhorse that brings the world of bubblecap stills into everybodies kitchen. This unit will fit perfectly to a keg boiler or use the optional adaptor to clamp straight to an existing or new store bought boiler.



Equiped with 4 plates complete with the new Procap36 bubblecaps, The Ace of Hearts will happily run on between 1800 and 2400 watts, or add a DIY controller kit for complete control. Comes complete with the basic plumbing needed including needle valve, 2 x Y quick disconnects, 4 x elbows and 2 x 12mm threaded quick disconnects to connect to your existing plumbing.


We have made every possible effort to produce the most high quality unit possible while still keeping the price affordable enough that everyone can now afford the best technology there is in an allround unit today. Whether your aim is rum and whiskey or a beautiful vodka the Ace of Hearts is able to be configured any way you want to do it all. The beauty of a modular system.

Add a extension of up to 510mm, a filter disc and the packing of your choice between the reflux condensor and the bubble column to produce high abv neutral spirits at a surprising rate.



Adaptor fits any 48mm flat hole and can be found here; http://www.stilldragon.com.au/2-triclamp-ferrule-to-boiler-adaptor/



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